Announcements 10/30/2020

Asalamua’alaikom Warahmatullah! 

Reminder of Jumah timing:

1st Salat is at 12:30 pm (Sisters welcome with limited space)

2nd Salat is at 1:30 pm (Sisters welcome)

Jumah Khutbah will be delivered by brother Salah from Islamic Relief USA. Please come early and help as much as you can.

Due to rise in COVID19 cases in El Paso county, we remind everyone to stay safe, wear a mask and follow the CDC and health department guidelines. In order to keep the masjid open, we kindly ask you to avoid coming to the Masjid if you have any symptoms or if you or anyone you're in direct contact with has or have been diagnosed with Covid19 in the past 14 days. May Allah SWT protect us all.

Jazakom Allah Khair,

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30 Oct 2020 04:07 PM

Reminder of Jumaa timing today!

Asalamua’alaikom Warahmatullah! 

Reminder of Jumah timing:

1st Salat is at 12:30 pm (Sisters welcome with limited space)

2nd Salat is at 1:30 pm (Sisters welcome)

Jumah Khutbah will be delivered by brother Jalal Aslam today.

Next week we will have a guest khateeb from Islamic Relief inshallah.

Jazakom Allah Khair,

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23 Oct 2020 03:08 PM

Jumah time change starting today!

Asalamua’alaikom Warahmatullah! 

Please note that the new timing for Jumah prayers starts today.

1st Salat is at 12:30 pm (Sisters welcome with limited space)

2nd Salat is at 1:30 pm (Sisters welcome)

Jumah Khutbah will be delivered by brother Ibrahim Khan today.

Jazakom Allah Khair,

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16 Oct 2020 04:01 PM

Announcements Today!

Asalamua’alaikom Warahmatullah! 

Today's khutbah by brother Ibrahim Khan. First khutbah at 1:00 for brothers only, second khutbah at 1:40 for brothers and sisters.

Isha in Jamaah will be at 8:30 pm starting tonight, Fajr at 6:00 am starting tomorrow.

‎‏إنّا لله وإنّا إليه راجعون

Inah lillah wainah ilayhee rajeeoon 

It is with great sadness to inform you that Brother Moneer, our havith lost his father back home in Libya, his name was Abdel Qadir Mansour, please remember him in your duaa. May Allah grant him Jannah and bless his children with patience and mercy. 

Also, one of our elders returned to Allah SWT last week. Sister, Maggie McGhee, has been apart of the Colorado Springs community for 25 years and will be dearly missed. She is the Grandmother of Brs Nurideen, Yusuf, and Bahauddin, Sisters Khalida and Sabiha DuBose. As well as Brs Tariq and Faraz Saleem, sons of Br Javid Saleem.

May Allah SWT have mercy on her soul, grant her the highest place in Jannah and give patience and strength to her children and family as they go through this difficult time. 

Her Janazah will be today,  September 11, at Masjid Abu Bakr in Denver at 1 pm after Jumua’ah. The family welcomes everyone to attend the Janazah if they are able. (Please refer to for social distancing regulations at Masjid Abu Bakr. 

Her burial will immediately follow at Olinger Hampden Cemetery, 8600 E Hampden Ave, Denver, CO  80231

The family is mourning her passing privately but is asking for you to keep her in your duaa.

Jazakom Allah khair

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11 Sep 2020 05:39 PM

Jumah Changes! Please read!

Asalamu Alaikom Wa Rahmatullah!

We will no longer have a registration process for our Jumah prayers. But we are still under social distancing regulations and occupancy limitations. 

1- First Jumah is still for brothers only at 1:00 pm

2-Second Jumah is for brothers and sisters 1:40pm

3- First come first serve, which means if you come late and the Masjid is at full capacity you will not be able to enter the Masjid, you can pray outside by the entrance area. So please come early to secure a place.

4- Temperature will be taken at the door, and as usual please have a mask on and get a prayer rug with you, Paper sheets will be provided if you don't bring a rug with you.

5- Tomorrow's Khutbah is by brother Jalal 

If you have any questions, please reach out to any of our Shura members.

Jazakom Allah Khair!

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03 Sep 2020 04:27 PM

August Jumah Sign up is out

Asalamu Alaikom Wa Rahmatullah!

A friendly reminder to sign up for Jumah below. Sisters are welcome to join for the second Jumah at 1:40pm. 1:00pm prayers are for brothers only to accomodate a larger number of worshippers during social distancing guidelines.

Remember to sign up for the whole month if you would like or sign up weekly.

Tomorrow's khutbah is delivered by brother Ibrahim Khan.

Jazakum Allah Khair

Sign up here...
07 Aug 2020 12:37 AM

New mask requirement announced by Colorado Governor! Please read.

Al Salamu Alaikom, Please note that Colorado has now a state law that mandates masks for anyone over 10 years old.  Also, major retailer Walmart announced face coverings would be required in their stores nationwide. King Soopers also announced on Wednesday that masks would be required in their grocery stores starting July 22..

Also a friendly reminder to preregister for Juma tomorrow, If we are at full capacity you will not be able to attend Juma.

to sign up please click here 

Jazakom Allah Khair

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16 Jul 2020 07:50 PM

Sign Up for Jumah for July here...

Alsalamu Alaikom Warahmatuallahi Wabarakatuh!

Sign Up is now open for Jumah for the month of July. Reserve your space by clicking on the link below. or log in to to sign up.

Remember, we offer 2 services on Friday and first prayers at 1:00 pm and it fills up quick, so sign up early. The second Prayers is at 1:40 pm and sisters are welcome to sign up or join second Salat.

No young kids allowed, Ages 14 and up can now join with face mask and prayer rug.

Jazakom Allah Khair for your cooperation!


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02 Jul 2020 04:02 PM

ISCS statement supporting Black & African American community

Please click below to read ISCS statement supporting Black and African American community or go to 

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08 Jun 2020 06:43 PM

New guidelines for Houses of Worship ! Please read.

Al Salamu Alaikom, we have new guidelines from the state regarding houses of worship, Please stay tuned for our new Jumah timings and setup.

Jazakom Allah Khair! 

Read the new guidelines here!
06 Jun 2020 06:15 PM

Friday Service (Register to Attend) Must Read.

Alsalamu Alaikom Warahmatullah Dear Brothers.

ISCS will resume Jumah Prayers at the Masjid under strict rules and mandates to comply with El Paso County Health Department. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and there will be NO EXCEPTIONS so we can continue having our Jumah going forward. 

We will have 4 Jumaah Khutbas, The schedule is as follows: (1:00pm, 1:30pm, 2:00pm and 2:30pm) 20 TOTAL WORSHIPPERS, including the Khateeb. (10 men in the brother's Musallah and 10 men in the sisters Musallah. Khutbah will be 15-20 Minutes max from the start of Athan to the End of Jumah prayers. 

You must pre register to attend:

At this time Juma will be limited to:

1- Brothers Only age 18-65 
2- No Kids
3- High risk brothers are advised to stay home.

2 Ways to register:

Click here to sign up (Don't sign up for more than one person per slot) 

Please follow the guidelines below to be able to attend:

((If you or anyone in your family (God forbid) is diagnosed with Covid19, or have any symptoms Please don't register.
1- Arrive 5 minutes before your designated time, if you're 5 minutes late, your spot will be given to another walk in brother (Although we encourage pre registering to guarantee a spot for Juma.)  
2- Front parking will be blocked off, Park in the North parking lot of the Masjid, on Madison St. or the back of the Masjid by the park and walk to Masjid.
3-  Enter Masjid through the men's front entrance and exit from the back entrance by the men's Wudu area.
4- Restrooms will be closed, please make Wudu before coming.
5- Must wear a mask or a face cover at all time in the Masjid and bring your own prayer rug (No one will be allowed enter without face mask and a prayer rug)
6- Pray in one of the marked spots in the Men's/ Sister's Musallah (once 9 people are in the Men's area, we will start directing people to the sister's Musallah (10 worshippers only)
7- After Juma please leave immediately, pray Sunnah at home so we can prepare the masjid for the next group of worshipers and sanitize the masjid to the best of our abilities.
8- No hand shaking, hugging or socializing after Salat.
9- Please follow directions by our volunteers who will make sure we don't violate any health codes so we can continue having a Juma.

(If you sign up this week, you're required to show up at your assigned time each week until the end of June. If you are unable to attend or like to change your time, please text or call directly. 
If you have any questions, please free free to text or call.

May Allah SWT reward you for working with us and helping us to keep Jumaa at our masjid.


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27 May 2020 10:11 PM

Amazon Smile now gives back to ISCS!

Alsalamu Alaikom Warahmatullah!

Who doesn't shop Amazon? Now Amazon gives back to your local Mosque. Simply follow these steps so ISCS can receive .5% on all of our purchases:

1- Log in to and bookmark when you do all your purchases on Amazon

2- Under Accounts & Lists, select (Your Amazon Smile)

3-Add your charity by searching for Islamic Society of Colorado Springs

4- Send it to all your friends to chose ISCS as their prefered Charity.

Jazakom Allah Khair!
20 May 2020 07:40 PM